Wheel Tales of Willow City

Wheel Tales of Willow City

Cast from Wheel Tales of Willow City

“Wheel Tales of Willow City” is a more serious look at the roadblocks and problems people face in our society. Mostly it focuses on issues for the disabled, but issues everyone faces will be a part of it. It is in a similar style to “The Gnomestead Tapestries“. The stories so far have all been shorter in length where the whole story can be published in a single posting. The first stories were originally published as “Wheel Tales of We’ll Make Cents” and were published on the “We’ll Make Cents” website. The first story in the series is: “Common Cents“.

Willy, what brings you down the road?

Willy and two of her friends from the first story in “Wheel Tales of Willow City”.

The stories have centred around the friends of “Willy” a woman who is confined to an electric wheel chair who still finds it possible to have a good attitude — though she is human and has her pet peeves. (Sometimes written as “Willie”.) Some of her friends have visible physical disabilities while others have invisible ones. Others have disabilities that are not physical, but disabilities just the same

I heard someone recently say, “We all have some disabilities, but we are not disabled.” I think that phrase really suits this comic strip.

Updated September 18, 2014