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Extra Fees 00Extra Fees 01Extra Fees 02Extra Fees 03Extra Fees 04Extra Fees 05Extra Fees 06Extra Fees 07Extra Fees 08Extra Fees 09Extra Fees 10Extra Fees 11Extra Fees 12Extra Fees 13I hope you enjoy these and I would really appreciate your spreading the word. My stories are spread by word-of-mouth so this is the way that others might also see them.

There is a move for utilities, other corporations, and organizations to start charging extra to have their bills mailed to the consumer. They are trying to promote access to the bills online. It saves the cost of printing and for paper to be sure, but there is a cost. There are people that don’t use computers. They have their own reasons, to be sure, but some have little choice.

There are people who have physical barriers to them using computers, tablets, and smart phones. They might have carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or other issues making it next to impossible to use keyboards, mice, or touch screens. The also might simply have problems understanding how to use new devices.

A $2 or $3 surcharge might not seem like much, but with it not being unusual to have 5 or more bills in the mail — $10, $15, or more can stress the fixed, low-income budget that many elderly or disabled have. For them, these new charges are like a form of discrimination.

This strip* was published before as “Wheel Tales of We’ll Make Cents” but we thought it would be better to publish more independently — hence the change in venue and name to “Wheel Tales of Willow City”.

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* Only the first stories were on We’ll Make cents. The more recent stories are being published here first.

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