Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Sir Squarehead and Friends

000-Cast Intros 060

Sir Squarehead has a good head on his shoulders.
Ask for him whether moving men or boulders.
He has an odd sense of humour.
Is he serious or not, you hear many a rumour.

000-Cast Intros 061Lady Squarehead puts up with her spouse.
His sense of humour can drive her out of their house.
But their love for each other is certainly sincere.
They’ll be around long as a couple, you heard that here.

000-Cast Intros 062The Squares and the Lasses are a happy crew.
They’re chips off the old block — hard workers — nothing new.
The Lasses are busy working inside and out
The Squares the same plus their military shout.

000-Cast Intros 063Sir Squarehead find donkeys good in the wilderness
Wagons still are a choice where roads and tracks exist.
He raises his own and trains them as well.
Promise to be nice and perhaps he might sell.

000-Cast Intros 064Here’s a long time cast member. Sir Squarehead has tended to make quips in the background at times. He might be the engineer of the kingdom in his own way.

Now… who next?


Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Vlad the New Tailor and Entourage

000-Cast Intros 050Vlad the new tailor
Is not an impaler
Unless you are considering his thumb.

000-Cast Intros 051Cossacks travel with him
Dressed in fine trim
Serving as protection and companion.

000-Cast Intros 052Not all who follow are male
Lady Cossacks fill the detail
Whether on horse or in the household they run.

000-Cast Intros 053Cossack riders can be impressive indeed.
They ride swiftly and can fight from their steed.
Their riding is almost like a dance.

000-Cast Intros 054Vlad travels in style, his carriage matches his taste.
Black is his favourite colour with red it is traced.
Cossack driver and footman complete his ride.

000-Cast Intros 055A tailor needs supplies.
Of course that doesn’t come as surprise.
A wagon to match his carriage suits his needs.

When stormy evenings arrive
The group gathers to jive
All around the fireplace they gather in fun.

000-Cast Intros 056Introducing a new arrival in town. Vlad the new tailor arrived with a bit of fanfare especially when Sir Biff thought he heard the fellow was “Vlad the Impaler”. After some intrigue things were straightened out.

Vlad was introduced almost a year ago in the short cartoon I wrote for Halloween called “Vlad!“. It is hard for me to believe The Gnome Tapestry is almost one year old.


Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Notinhood and His Merry Band of The Timbermen; of Notinwood Forest

000-Cast Intros 040In Notinwood Forest, a wood nearby but deep
Dwell an outlaw band that through the trees creep.
Notinhood and the Timbermen pursue a life rough
Combating injustice, it’s a tough job but they’re tough enough.

000-Cast Intros 041000-Cast Intros 042Notinhood, the leader of this outlaw band
Lives in the forest, but travels all the land.
He gives to the poor but doesn’t steal from the rich.
Somehow he manages that without any hitch.

Rusty Bill is an archer of no small renown.
He loves telling tales in pubs while dodging the crown.
He often leads The Timbermen patrolling the forest.
If there’s a quiz for leadership he passes the test.

000-Cast Intros 043Friar John provides the a moral compass to all.
He’s a spiritual adviser keeping others from a fall.
The good Friar is much more than it appears
His prowess with a staff fuels his enemy’s fears.

Big Tuck’s young but learning things fast.
Living life now, but he has a dark past.
Tuck has a knack with all animals
From ones in the wilds to ones in barn stalls.

From time to time come a group of three.
They bring their own skills even while a mystery.
000-Cast Intros 044The Happy Hunter knows the woods like the back of his hand.
It’s like his day job is out watching the land.
The Happy Huntress and Maid of Mystery
Are treated like the lads but are lasses you must see.
Somehow the Huntress seems regal in the way she rides.
But she pitches right in with work, or when the band hides.
Maid Mystery too has that regal air.
With Happy Huntress they make a great pair.

000-Cast Intros 045This group’s called The Timbermen, men of note.
Remarkable legends of them are now wrote.
Woodsmanship, marksmanship, horsemanship,
Working in forest fields but not often in a ship.

000-Cast Intros 046An introduction to the denizens of the Forest of Notinwood in The Gnomestead Tapestry. Who shall we bio next?

I’m not sure just how many Timbermen there are. Notinhood and the Timbermen and other followers make for an impressive band of archers. In an emergency, if called on, they could take the place of the missing Cringle archers. These characters were actually in the third story I did, “Notinhood!“, but I missed publishing it without realizing and the some of the characters introduced in the story appear many times in later stories.


Introducing Locations — The Gnomestead

Some Locations Used in the Gnomestead Tapestry

The Gnome's Tavern. All are welcome.

The Gnome’s Tavern. All are welcome.

A place for sharing stories
Taverns are where folks gather
All are welcome there.

The gateway into the keeps great hall.

The gateway into the keep’s great hall. Often open during the day, but closed at night and requiring a password.

Entry to the Keep
Welcomes those of peaceful bent
Speak friend and enter

The churchyard, fenced not to keep people in our out, but just to let you know it's there.

The churchyard, fenced not to keep people in our out, but just to let you know it’s there.

Peaceful meeting place
The churchyard green for folks
Spend time on your soul

Here are three locations that have been or will be used in The Gnomestead Tapestry. I’m showing them without the tapestry borders I normally use. It gives more room for the set, though a little loss of tradition.

Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

The South Cringle Archduchies Royal Household

000-Cast Intros 030

The King is a leader among men
When he orders to arms they don’t say “when”.
The King doesn’t do this all alone
But has advisers to the throne.

000-Cast Intros 031The Queen shares the rule of this land
From household to organizing war band.
She rules at the King’s side
Not just along for the ride.

000-Cast Intros 032Two children have the Queen and King
A Princess and a Prince being peers is their thing.
Along with these youth is a friend.
Maid Martha, fostered, loyal to the end.

000-Cast Intros 033Brother Jacque and The Sister
Are two of the Royal advisers.
They provide sound advice
Sometimes strict but always nice.

000-Cast Intros 034The Forester advises on forests and croplands.
He tries to know what’s in the woods and the crops at hand.
In the keep, you’ll find the Ladies in waiting.
Looking after things keeping them running.

000-Cast Intros 035The foreign agent known simply as “Seven”,
Works very hard often having dinner at eleven.
Father Alex can be found rallying the population spiritually
With advice, wisdom, and sermons some find lively.
Reverend Mother though a bit stern
Has respect and it is well earned.

000-Cast Intros 036There are many ladies in waiting.
Some through the keep, generally keeping.
Others the Royal Family is their domain.
Pages and Equerry do muchly the same.

These are the members of the Royal Household
Some are demure, but most are bold.

000-Cast Intros 037An introduction to The South Cringle Archduchies Royal Household in The Gnomestead Tapestry. Who shall we bio next?