Two Knights Walk Into a Bar 14 – A Regular — The Gnomestead Tapestry

A Gnomestead Tapestry Short.

Another tale from the bar. That’s Captain George! Arrrrrr!.

A Regular

Cpt George: Greetings Captain George, you want the usual, Rum?
Bar Maid: No Darlin’, I want whiskey, Red-Eye! Leave the bottle.
Scot: Why’s the guy in the pirate hat so blue?
Gnorman: Oh, that’s Captain George. Every month he comes into town and…
Gnorman: …asks the smith if something called a “canon” has been invented yet.
Barkeep: It seems it is important for a pirate ship to have canons.

I wonder where Captain George is from? The West Indies? The Orient? Africa? Penzance? Saskatchewan? …

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