Coming Up in the Tapestry – 72


Sunday (August 28, 2016) There’s a new Gnomestead Tapestry cartoon. This one is not Sir Biff’s fault! Today, be there a dragon? Find out in “Dragon, You Say”.

RCAN2 feature

The Gnomestead Tapestry is a quirky little bit of fantasy set in a fictional sort of medieval kingdom called the “South Cringle Archduchy” .

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Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Sir Peanut and Gang

000-Cast Intros 020Sir Peanut is a leader of men —
Leading charges on field and glen.
Sir Peanut leads a troop of cavalry.
They keep the people and kingdom free.

000-Cast Intros 021Lady Peanut is a lady fair
Inspiring her lord with care
She’s a beauty for sure,
Riding beside her noble Sir..

000-Cast Intros 022Gallery Boys and Sweetpeas
Support Sir and Lady Peanut in myriad ways.
Riding, homemaking, taking care of the mounts.
Loyalty and spirit are what counts

000-Cast Intros 023Jousting or tilting at targets is a skill.
It can give any audience a grand thrill.
But it is practice in deadly earnest —
Preparation for battle blackest.

000-Cast Intros 024An introduction to Sir Peanut, Lady Peanut, the South Cringle Cavalry, and the Sweetpeas of The Gnomestead Tapestry. Who shall we bio next?