Lest We Forget

Take a Moment to Remember

Remembrance Day 2017

This is a day to remember all those people who have made sacrifice for others. Take a moment today to remember those who went to war — some never to return, others returning whole or broken; both inside or out. Remember, in addition to the soldiers, the peace keepers, the first responders and others that keep us safe. Also remember their parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren, and all who loved them and miss them.

We hear “PTSD” mentioned frequently with regards to those who have served in dangerous, violent situations. I think we should remember, even before we send people into these situations how they are being put into danger. They don’t come back untouched. It is a sacrifice made even if they aren’t physically hurt.

We might agree or disagree with the wars that have happened, but regardless of that soldiers place their lives on the line for us.

Let us not forget their sacrifices.