Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Sir Squarehead and Friends

000-Cast Intros 060

Sir Squarehead has a good head on his shoulders.
Ask for him whether moving men or boulders.
He has an odd sense of humour.
Is he serious or not, you hear many a rumour.

000-Cast Intros 061Lady Squarehead puts up with her spouse.
His sense of humour can drive her out of their house.
But their love for each other is certainly sincere.
They’ll be around long as a couple, you heard that here.

000-Cast Intros 062The Squares and the Lasses are a happy crew.
They’re chips off the old block — hard workers — nothing new.
The Lasses are busy working inside and out
The Squares the same plus their military shout.

000-Cast Intros 063Sir Squarehead find donkeys good in the wilderness
Wagons still are a choice where roads and tracks exist.
He raises his own and trains them as well.
Promise to be nice and perhaps he might sell.

000-Cast Intros 064Here’s a long time cast member. Sir Squarehead has tended to make quips in the background at times. He might be the engineer of the kingdom in his own way.

Now… who next?


Introducing Locations — The Gnomestead

Some Locations Used in the Gnomestead Tapestry

The Gnome's Tavern. All are welcome.

The Gnome’s Tavern. All are welcome.

A place for sharing stories
Taverns are where folks gather
All are welcome there.

The gateway into the keeps great hall.

The gateway into the keep’s great hall. Often open during the day, but closed at night and requiring a password.

Entry to the Keep
Welcomes those of peaceful bent
Speak friend and enter

The churchyard, fenced not to keep people in our out, but just to let you know it's there.

The churchyard, fenced not to keep people in our out, but just to let you know it’s there.

Peaceful meeting place
The churchyard green for folks
Spend time on your soul

Here are three locations that have been or will be used in The Gnomestead Tapestry. I’m showing them without the tapestry borders I normally use. It gives more room for the set, though a little loss of tradition.

Additions to the Town


SmithyI’m going to be adding some various structures to the town around the castle. The first one I’ve done is a Smithy. Any thoughts on what else might fit? (I mean with the subject. I’ll figure ways to put it into the graphic myself.)

Test2 1000


New Castle Graphic


Test 1100I just thought I would share a bit of experimental work I was doing to develop more of the village around the castle. It did involve paving the grounds and putting various buildings. I hope the experiment was a good one… I like it for some reasons, but do have some more critical feelings about it. I am not sure how soon it might be that I would use it.