Knock, Knock! 16 – Best Foot Forward! — The Gnomestead Tapestry

A Gnomestead Tapestry Short.

A “Knock, Knock!” Joke!

best-foot-00 best-foot-01 best-foot-02 best-foot-03 best-foot-04 best-foot-05 best-foot-06 best-foot-07 best-foot-08 best-foot-09 best-foot-10 best-foot-11 best-foot-feature-1

A journey of a thousand steps begins with one step. Beginning with two steps…

You never know who or what is outside the door.

This is another of the “Gnomestead Tapestry” Knock, Knock jokes. I hope you enjoy this and share it around!



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Saturday (November 12, 2016) we’ve got a another “Knock, Knock!” Joke — “Best Foot Forward!”.

best-foot-feature2best-foot-feature-1It’s about stepping out! Should we wear our best duds?

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