The RCAN – Dragon, You Say — The Gnomestead Tapestry

A Gnomestead Tapestry Short.

Sir Peanut has been itching to try out his new lance. Sir Biff has quested and found all sorts of animals or monsters but never a dragon. Sir Ten lives for quests and challenges! Have they finally found a fierce dragon?

RCAN2 00 RCAN2 01 RCAN2 02 RCAN2 03 RCAN2 04 RCAN2 05 RCAN2 06 RCAN2 07 RCAN2 08 RCAN2 09 RCAN2 10 RCAN2 11 RCAN2 12RCAN2 13 RCAN2 14 RCAN2 15RCAN2 featureThere were a few events leading to the formation of the RCAN. Check out:

This is another of the “Gnomestead Tapestry” shorts. I hope you enjoy this and share it around!



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Sunday (August 28, 2016) There’s a new Gnomestead Tapestry cartoon. This one is not Sir Biff’s fault! Today, be there a dragon? Find out in “Dragon, You Say”.

RCAN2 feature

The Gnomestead Tapestry is a quirky little bit of fantasy set in a fictional sort of medieval kingdom called the “South Cringle Archduchy” .

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