The Mummy — The Gnomestead Tapestry

A Gnomestead Tapestry Short.

A Halloween Special with Sir Biff!

The Mummy 00The Mummy 01The Mummy 02The Mummy 03The Mummy 04The Mummy 05The Mummy 06The Mummy 07The Mummy 08The Mummy 09The Mummy 10The Mummy 11The Mummy 12The Mummy 13The Mummy 14The Mummy 15The Mummy 16The Mummy 17The Mummy 18The Mummy 19The Mummy 20The Mummy 21The Mummy 22The Mummy 23The Mummy 24The Mummy feature

How does Vlad the new tailor manage to have thunder and lightning on a clear night? Poor Sir Biff… at least he got tea and a nice visit from his Mummy… er Mom.

Hoping you enjoy the “Gnomestead Tapestry” School Daze joke. Feel free to share it around!



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