The Monarchy Strikes Back! — Space Trek – Episode 9

Welcome to the continuing voyages in Space Trek! I hope you enjoy this bit of Science Fiction Farce and Satire.

This serial takes off where “A New Omen” left off.

The Thunderball 2XL, her crew, Zed, and Princess Dee of Alderbean has landed on the moon Cavatar in the Cava System. They have heard from the Geepoks of Monosaurus that the inhabitants of Cavatar, another moon of the Cava system, are endangered by the Monarchy and are in need of help.

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The inhabitants of Monosaurus, the Geepoks, will aid Col. Jeff Horoscope, Doctor Neptune, Princess Dee and Zed on a quest to help the inhabitants of another moon in the Cava system — Cavatar. The plan, to disrupt the strip-mining of Upsydaisium on that moon.

Can they stop that mining and then succeed in driving the Monarchy out of the Cava system?

Now that they have met up with a Cavatarian, there is the problem of translation. Is a solution at hand?

The two Geepoks — sentient Guinea Pigs from the moon Monosaurus in the Cava System — Rascal and Number One, have been ordered to rendezvous with their King Ike and Princess Tribbles. It is a long trek on foot.

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