Forward to the Past! — Space Trek – Episode 2

Welcome to the continuing voyages in Space Trek! I hope you enjoy this bit of Science Fiction Farce and Satire.

Onward to Celtica! Princess Wespa is travelling there for her wedding and Sole Star is on a mission to deliver a luxury sedan spacecraft full of Corbomite and can’t transport the princess there.

forward-to-the-past-200 forward-to-the-past-201 forward-to-the-past-202 forward-to-the-past-203 forward-to-the-past-204 forward-to-the-past-205 forward-to-the-past-206 forward-to-the-past-207 forward-to-the-past-208 forward-to-the-past-209 forward-to-the-past-210 forward-to-the-past-211 forward-to-the-past-212 forward-to-the-past-00So this is the story of The Professor and his Companions on the mining ship Re Dwarf. What will they discover in their very short trip through time.

Look for “Space Trek: The Monarchy Strikes Back” coming soon!

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