Costs — Wheel Tales of Willow City

cost-00 cost-01 cost-02 cost-03 cost-04 cost-05 cost-06 cost-07 cost-08cost-09 cost-10 cost-11cost-12 cost-13 cost-featureThe medical coverage available to disabled people who are receiving a disability benefit or pension is pretty incredible. But, there are some holes in this sort of insurance coverage. When you are on a low fixed income, buying things like normal pain killers and multi-vitamins can really take a bite out of a modest grocery budget. Prepping for certain test procedures can require things like specialized laxatives that are necessary, but not covered. People with allergies can be left with large chunks bitten out of their budget.

It might not be as painful if the benefits brought people above the poverty line. Some places are good and they are at the poverty line. But others are needlessly behind. Then it’s a matter of buying groceries or going to the food-bank.

I think it is such small nit-picky things that lead people on disability to protest and ask for the benefit rates to be increased. At the same time they look ungrateful to the population.

Other than raising the rates in these places I don’t know of any solution other than perhaps providing some coverage for these things if they might be prescribed by a physician.

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