Shamed! — Wheel Tales of Willow City

Shamed 00 Shamed 01 Shamed 02 Shamed 03 Shamed 04 Shamed 05 Shamed 06 Shamed 07 Shamed 08 Shamed 09 Shamed 10 Shamed 11 Shamed 12 Shamed featureThere are many different sorts of disabilities that might put a person into a wheelchair. Not all confine a person to a chair 100% of the time. Many people are lucky enough to be able to stand, with or without support for short periods of time. Some can even walk short distances, but not for more than a few dozen steps. Sometimes it is a heart issue, other times other issues.

So please don’t judge. Please don’t assume. People also aren’t obligated to tell you extremely personal information like what health problems they might have.

I hope you remember that when you next see someone with a wheel chair stand for a bit or even walk a few steps. While there may be some people that are faking injuries to defraud the insurance company, that is only a very small percentage of the population.

I hope you enjoy these and I would really appreciate your spreading the word. My stories are spread by word-of-mouth so this is the way that others might also see them.

Thank you!


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