Space Trek – To come!

Welcome to the continuing voyages in Space Trek! I hope you enjoy this bit of Science Fiction Farce and Satire.

Space Trek hasn’t been forgotten. I’m actually at work on two serials. “The Monarchy Strikes Back” is a sequel to “A New Omen”. It takes the action to the Cava system.

The Monarchy Strikes Back feature“Forward to the Past” is a spin-off from “A New Omen” and answers the question of what happened to the Re-Dwarf.

Forward to the Past featureI’ll probably work on these two serials concurrently — posting them with one episode each weekend. You might get “Forward to the Past” one week and “The Monarchy Strikes Back” the next.

I hope you enjoy these serials. Please let me know what you think. I can use the feedback. Consider liking the post, retweeting it, favouring it, or generally sharing it around. It is the only way it will be seen! (I can really use the publicity and encouragement.)

Thank you!


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