Knock, Knock! 13 – Water — The Gnomestead Tapestry

A Gnomestead Tapestry Short.

A “Knock, Knock!” Joke!

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It’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere… I’m adding that because I know some fine readers are from lands in the Southern Hemisphere …though I know that there are many places with a bit tooooo much Summer. I’m lucky living somewhere with daytime Highs around 24C (75F) and lows around 17C (63F). I can’t complain… especially since I don’t have AC. I hope you are enjoying whatever weather you have where you are. If it’s too hot, try pretending you are visiting a tropical destination; too cold… some place more temperate.

You never know who or what is outside the door.

This is another of the “Gnomestead Tapestry” Knock, Knock jokes. I hope you enjoy this and share it around!



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