Spun Out! – 3 — Wheel Tales of Willow City

Spun Out 00 Spun Out 01 Spun Out 02 Spun Out 03 Spun Out 04 Spun Out 05 Spun Out 06 Spun Out 07 Spun Out 08 Spun Out 09 Spun Out 10I’ve seen many bicyclists riding on the sidewalk as I travel around. They travel so much faster than pedestrian traffic and seem to take up more room than a person walking or even running. I don’t know how often I’ve had to dodge cyclists but it has been far too often. I can only imagine what it is like if you are in a wheelchair or on a mobility scooter… or if you have young children with you or some problem with mobility.

Recently we even had an elderly person hit and knocked over by someone in a mobility scooter going very fast down the sidewalk. The person struck ended up with a fractured skull and broken hip.

It’s actually illegal for most people to be riding on a sidewalk. It’s a crime that they do so and morally even more so, I think, when there is a dedicated “bike lane” on that road.

IF you must ride a bike, or skateboard on a sidewalk, remember that you are a guest there and it really isn’t someplace that you have any sort of right-of-way. Really, in my opinion that might even go for running and mobility scooters that can move at running speeds and beyond. Look Out for people on the sidewalk. It is you who should yield and give way, not them. That is even if you tinkle your bell or toot your horn.

PS I realized after doing the frames for the cartoon that I neglected to put helmets on the cyclists. If I re-did the art I’d have bicycle helmets on the riders. Please remember to wear your bike helmet. Even if not for your safety, wear it as a good example for children and young people. I know that if you are of my age, you likely rode for decades without even knowing there were helmets or that anyone would wear one unless they were racing in some event. But if kids see adults not wearing helmets, they lose respect for the laws governing such things.

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