Bonus — Wheel Tales of Willow City

Bonus 00 Bonus 01 Bonus 02 Bonus 03 Bonus 04 Bonus 05 Bonus 06 Bonus 07 Bonus 08 Bonus 09 Bonus 10 Bonus 11 Bonus 12 Bonus 13 Bonus 14Not everything is as it seems. A well publicised increase in the monthly disability  or monthly benefit, paid to people with disabilities might outshine an increase in fees those people have to pay for another service. For instance a $77 increase might nearly disappear when a new $52 monthly fee for transit is applied.

It might be nice to get that $25 a month extra, but when that has been the only increase over 10 years, it is a pittance.

I hope you enjoy these and I would really appreciate your spreading the word. My stories are spread by word-of-mouth so this is the way that others might also see them.

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