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InterConnect 00 InterConnect 01 InterConnect 02 InterConnect 03 InterConnect 04 InterConnect 05 InterConnect 06 InterConnect 07 InterConnect 08 InterConnect 09Software companies put out patches and updates and upgrades so very often and sometimes it seems a bit prematurely. Some of these seem to break the whole computer system. What are you supposed to do when the problems caused by that patch/update/upgrade makes it so you can’t connect to the Internet or even so the computer won’t start. Many folks are lucky to have a second computer at hand, or a computer tech that they can call on. Others are just out of luck unless they can take their computer to a computer repair shop… and pay for the repairs.

Sometimes it is hard to get through to a help desk by phone and even when you do, make it understood that you can’t download a patch or use other helpful tools that they are used to advising a customer to use. I imagine somewhere in the legal mumbo-jumbo there is a clause saying that they are not responsible!

It can be very important to have your files backed up at all times and to have a way to start up your computer even when you can’t get it to start from your hard drive. IE a Start-up CD or DVD; or a flash-drive/thumb drive/etc with your operating system (OS like OSX, Windows, Linux) on it.

Sometimes I don’t know how the average person can keep a computer running.

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