Time’s Up! — Wheel Tales of Willow City

Times Up 00 Times Up 01 Times Up 02 Times Up 03 Times Up 04 Times Up 05 Times Up 06 Times Up 06a Times Up 07 Times Up 08 Times Up 09 Times Up 10 Times Up 11 Times Up 12 Times Up 13 Times Up 14People that depend on others, like caregivers often have very restricted lived. Their lives not restricted by their disability, but by the lack of funds that might provide the help they need to live like a normal human being, and not a prisoner or caged animal.

People that are restricted to 12 hours out of bed have to work very hard to get a full life squeezed into the 12 hours left..

I hope you enjoy these and I would really appreciate your spreading the word. My stories are spread by word-of-mouth so this is the way that others might also see them.


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