Warehoused — Wheel Tales of Willow City

Warhoused 00 Warhoused 01 Warhoused 02 Warhoused 03 Warhoused 04 Warhoused 05 Warhoused 06 Warhoused 07 Warhoused 08 Warhoused 09When it is deemed that a person in hospital can no longer live safely in their home, the social service administration that looks after a person’s health and well-being, can refuse to release them until a suitable location is found?

This can be the case when a person falls and breaks a hip, or shows that they can no longer do transfers from a wheelchair without aid. This can happen even if the person isn’t on any disability benefit or pension, but is financially independent.

Instead of going back to the home they left, they end up being “warehoused” in a hospital until a space in a suitable facility opens up. It might be necessary for a person to have more assistance requiring a “semi-assisted living” facility or an “assisted living” one. In the meantime they languish in the stark environment of a hospital taking up a valuable bed. They are “warehoused”.

The only solution I can think of are making more units available. Growth is needed in facilities with our aging populations.

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