Gifts — Wheel Tales of Willow City

Gifts 00Gifts 01Gifts 02Gifts 03Gifts 04Gifts 05Gifts 06Gifts 07Gifts 08Gifts 09Gifts 10Gifts 11Gifts 12Shortly before an election is called and then after during the election campaign it seems the members of the party in power are travelling around announcing funds for one project or another and tax benefits for one sector or another. I have noticed that the money only seems to be pouring in for those demographics for whom that party is seeking votes from.

Everyone one else seems to be ignored. I know that they seek everyone’s votes and travel to everywhere that voters are, but everything just seems aimed at getting the necessary votes to win. Don’t things have to be run during an election as well? Doesn’t everyone deserve attention for the needs of the public?

I hope you enjoy these and I would really appreciate your spreading the word. My stories are spread by word-of-mouth so this is the way that others might also see them.


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