A New Omen! — Space Trek – Part 26

Welcome to the continuing voyages in Space Trek! I hope you enjoy this bit of Science Fiction Farce and Satire.

A New Omen 2600A New Omen 2601A New Omen 2602A New Omen 2603A New Omen 2604A New Omen 2605A New Omen 2606A New Omen 2607A New Omen 2608A New Omen 2609A New Omen 2610A New Omen 2611I hope you’re enjoying this serial. Please let me know what you think and consider liking the post, retweeting it, favouring it, or generally sharing it around. It is the only way it will be seen! (I can really use the publicity and encouragement.)

Thank you!


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