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Being fairly regularly able, I have found that when I cross many major arterial roads at a light, I barely make it before the light for the road traffic. I don’t mean when the pedestrian crossing light changes from “Walk” to “Don’t Walk”, but when the light for the vehicular traffic changes from red to green.

I can only imagine what it is like for anyone that travels below normal walking speed. I consider what it is like for someone with kids and groceries. I imagine what it is like for someone who walks with only one leg — proud at their progress to walking with a prosthetic, but just a bit slower than most able-bodied folk. I imagine what it is like for the person using a walker. I know that the lights can only be so long for each cycle of a light, but I know of many who barely make it “If” they start the second the “Walk” signal comes on.

I’ve seen a system where all the traffic lights turn red and all the pedestrian crossing lights turn to “Walk” — including two new diagonal cross-walks crossing from corner to corner in the intersection. That probably gives at least twice as much time to cross the intersections. Crossing diagonally means only a single crossing where you would have had to make two crossings without the diagonal. It makes a bit of sense to me and traffic still flows at nearly the same rate. (So I hear.)

Regardless, short pedestrian crossing times can impair some people’s ability to cross intersections safely.

This strip* was published before as “Wheel Tales of We’ll Make Cents” but we thought it would be better to publish more independently — hence the change in venue and name to “Wheel Tales of Willow City”.

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* Only the first stories were on We’ll Make cents. The more recent stories are being published here first.

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