Notinhood! — The Gnomestead Tapestry – part 8 (conclusion)

Gnomestead Tapestry stories — Notinhood!


I hope that you enjoyed “Notinhood!” This was the conclusion of that story. There is more new material to come!

“Notinhood!” was the third cartoon strip I did. It actually fits in between “The Hunt!” and “A Nice Ring to It!” and perhaps might explain a few things mentioned in “A Nice Ring to It!” and later stories. It should take 8-10 instalments.

There was a bit of a gap between the writing of “The Hunt!” and “Notinhood!” and when I was putting it together I used a  different font than I have for the other strips. I also hadn’t refined the “tapestry” style I used for later work. When I redid “Siege!” and “The Hunt!” in the format I published here, I altered them to fit into the “tapestry” style. I started working on putting “Notinhood!” into that style, but discovered that since I had started using more of the frame for the props and background, it just didn’t shoehorn in nicely. So I decided to publish it in its original format.

The dogs have the scent!

“The Hunt!” in the “tapestry” style.


“Notinhood!” in the original style.

I’ll be continuing to publish “Gnomestead Tapestry” short pieces while I post “Notinhood!” as well as “Wheel Tales of Willow City” and “Space Trek”. “Space Trek” will also include episodes of “A New Omen!”

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