Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Vlad the New Tailor and Entourage

000-Cast Intros 050Vlad the new tailor
Is not an impaler
Unless you are considering his thumb.

000-Cast Intros 051Cossacks travel with him
Dressed in fine trim
Serving as protection and companion.

000-Cast Intros 052Not all who follow are male
Lady Cossacks fill the detail
Whether on horse or in the household they run.

000-Cast Intros 053Cossack riders can be impressive indeed.
They ride swiftly and can fight from their steed.
Their riding is almost like a dance.

000-Cast Intros 054Vlad travels in style, his carriage matches his taste.
Black is his favourite colour with red it is traced.
Cossack driver and footman complete his ride.

000-Cast Intros 055A tailor needs supplies.
Of course that doesn’t come as surprise.
A wagon to match his carriage suits his needs.

When stormy evenings arrive
The group gathers to jive
All around the fireplace they gather in fun.

000-Cast Intros 056Introducing a new arrival in town. Vlad the new tailor arrived with a bit of fanfare especially when Sir Biff thought he heard the fellow was “Vlad the Impaler”. After some intrigue things were straightened out.

Vlad was introduced almost a year ago in the short cartoon I wrote for Halloween called “Vlad!“. It is hard for me to believe The Gnome Tapestry is almost one year old.