Coming Up in the Tapestry

A New Omen 500Hi!

000-Cast Intros 012This weekend (August 30,31 2014) watch for part 4 of “A New Omen!” and the conclusion to “The RCAN”.

I hope you have found “Introducing the Characters” of “The Gnomestead Tapestry”  entertaining and the rhyme not annoying. It might be the first time anyone but me has seen the names of some characters.

I plan on making “Introducing the Characters” a regular feature of “The Gnome Tapestry” for a while with other content to come as well. There are only so many characters after all.

017 Royal Cringle Air Norse 07Rumour: There may be some secret pages and posts in future. The secret handshake won’t be too hard to discover.

Thanks for dropping by!