Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Sir Norseguy and Lið (People/Band)

000-Cast Intros 010This is Sir Norseguy, fearless and brave —
On foot, on horse, and upon rolling wave..
He flies into battle, his troops are fleet.
They’ll follow his lead without skipping a beat.

000-Cast Intros 011Lady Norseguy is more than a simple housemaid.
She’s good with sword, axe, and ship; in battle she’d wade.
Her home doesn’t languish, it’s neat and prim.
A dish out of place and she’d be quite grim.

000-Cast Intros 012Squire Norson is cut from his dad’s cloth.
Working hard on land and storm surge froth.
Norseguyson is a force to be reckoned with.
He’s learning to fight or become a blacksmith.

000-Cast Intros 013Norseguys and Shield Maidens fill dual roles.
Sailors and fighters with mutual goals.
They also herd, farm, build and house keep,
Equally at home on sea, in battle, or herding sheep.

000-Cast Intros 014

This is an introduction to cast members of The Gnomestead Tapestry. This time with Sir Norseguy, Lady Norseguy, their two sons and retainers.