Introducing the Characters — The Gnomestead

Sir Biff and Crew

000-Cast Intros 001This is Sir Biff, he’s brave and so bold.
He likes to think he’s a knight of olde.
Sir Biff backs the King through thick and thin.
With him on your side you’ll surely win.

000-Cast Intros 002Lady Biff is his wife, cast in the same mould,
But she has a soft side, she’s a heart of gold.
Lady Biff runs their keep and keeps it on course.
She doesn’t use a sword but can ride a horse.

000-Cast Intros 003Sir Bart and Squire Hope,
Sir Biff’s grown sons,
Brave and bold,
In them their father’s blood runs.
Sir Bart a new knight, just newly tried.
Squire Hope, a squire, ready to ride.

000-Cast Intros 004Biffman and Biffette serve
the Biffs and Biff Keep —
The Biffmen in infantry, The Biffettes house-keep.
The Biffmen truly are brave and sure.
The Biffettes keep the keep warm and secure.

000-Cast Intros 005
This is an introduction to cast members of The Gnomestead Tapestry. I am starting with Sir Biff, Lady Biff, their two sons and their retainers.