The New Dancers! — The Gnomestead Tapestry – part 8

Gnomestead Tapestry stories — The New Dancers!

007NewDancers007NewDancers065007NewDancers066007NewDancers067007NewDancers068007NewDancers069007NewDancers070007NewDancers071007NewDancers072“The New Dancers” won’t be as long as “The Sky is Falling!” but is longer than “The Problem with Purrballs!” “The New Dancers” will end with part 9! Stay tuned for the conclusion of “The New Dancers”!

If you read “The Sky is Falling!” you can see just where the second — tan — elephant came from. The acrobats were introduced in the first story, “Siege”.

“The New Dancers” was started shortly after “The Sky is Falling” and before I knew “The Sky is Falling would be nearly as long as it is. It took a while to get back to “The New Dancers” as I decided to concentrate on one story at a time.

I plan on producing other stories as I post “The New Dancers” with episodes in “Space Trek” “Wheel Tales of Willow City” and even some short stories from “The Gnomestead Tapestry”. Keep coming back to see what is coming up!

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