Coming Up in the Tapestry


The “Space Trek!” serial, “A New Omen!” is a continuing story. It is a bit different from some of the other collections in The Gnome Tapestry. Rather than being a long story broken into digestible chunks, “A New Omen!” is being built on as it is being published. There’s a rough outline, but the individual episodes will be built on what has already happened.

I have published it Sundays, alternating with “The New Dancers!” in the “Gnomestead Tapestry” series on Saturdays, however I might not be publishing instalments of “A New Omen!” every Sunday. I may give it a break with a short tale from the “Gnomestead Tapestry”, “Space Trek!”, or “Wheel Tales of Willow City.”

“Notinhood!” will probably follow“The New Dancers!” when it concludes.

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