About the Gnome Tapestry.

The Gnome Tapestry

feature 1“The Gnome Tapestry” is a collection of comic strips by DWPenner. So far there are three strips which contain stories of different lengths. The long ones are broken into smaller pieces to publish here. The short stories are published in their entirety or perhaps two posts. “The Gnomestead Tapestry” is the original strip —   “Wheel tales of Willow City” and “Space Trek” were added to the repertoire more recently.

The Gnomestead Tapestry

The Gnomestead Tapestry

The Gnomestead Tapestry” cartoon “Siege” was the first story — written in 1998 — followed by “The Hunt” and “Notinhood!”. Other stories followed including “A Nice Ring” , “The South Cringle Archduchies“, “The Sky is Falling!“, and “The New Dancers!“. “The Sky is Falling!” will likely be the longest continuous story. “Notinhood!” was intended to be published here in December 2013 but was inadvertently skipped. It will be published in September 2014. There are a number of shorter stories consisting of one or two posts mixed in with other posts. Unlike the other two series, “The Gnomestead Tapestry” artwork is done with a “linen” texture like a tapestry. “The Bayeux Tapestry” is an inspiration for the format of the story with a strip of images above and below the main story.

There is a spin-off series of stories intended for children. “1, 2, 3, The Tapestry I See!” stories features characters in “The Gnomestead Tapestry“. Those stories all have “1, 2, 3, The Tapestry I See!” in the title. The first of these stories is “1,2,3, The Tapestry I See!

Wheel Tales of Willow City

Wheel Tales of Willow City

Wheel Tales of Willow City” is a more serious look at the roadblocks and problems people face in our society.  Mostly it focuses on issues for the disabled, but issues everyone faces will be a part of it. It is in a similar style to “The Gnomestead Tapestry“. The stories so far have all been shorter in length where the whole story can be published at once here. The first stories were originally published as “Wheel Tales of We’ll Make Cents” and were published on the “We’ll Make Cents” website. The first story in the series is: “Common Cents“.

Space Trek

Space Trek

Space Trek” is a Science Fiction/Space Opera spoof making a bit of fun of Science Fiction stories in movies, TV series, and books. “Space Trek” consists of farces and satires as well as jokes and puns. Most are short with the whole story published at once. There are longer stories planned which will consist of a series of short stories that string together into one continuing one. The first story is: “Silent Running!“. We are starting the first story in a continuing series called: “A New Omen!“. You might notice spoofs of a number of movies and shows including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Space Balls, Battlestar Galactica, Fireball XL5, and many others.

Perhaps other sorts of stories will be added in the future to the three written about here. Whether that happens or not all depends on whether there is interest. There is plenty of material for “The Gnomestead Tapestry” “Wheel Tales of Willow City” and “Space Trek” to do. Time will tell.

*Note that all the listings in the blog entries are in reverse order.

I hope you enjoy the cartoons!


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A Gnomestead Tapestry Cast Shot

A “Gnomestead Tapestry” cast shot consisting of characters and props from the first 3 stories.