To Be or Notinhood To Be

03notIn the process of searching for something else, I discovered that I had inadvertently left out one cartoon strip that I had done. It would fit between “The Hunt!” and “A Nice Ring to It“. The cartoon is one of “The Gnomestead Tapestry” called “Notinhood!” I have 007NewDancers“The New Dancers” ready for upcoming release, but was wondering if I should follow the 9 post comic, “The New Dancers”, with the similar 7-12 post comic “Notinhood!”?

I would of course be interspersing the longer stories with shorts and other material.

I am tempted to just follow “The New Dancers” with “Notinhood!” just so that you might get some of the background material that is missing due to the missing strip.

If you want you can voice your opinion.