Coming Cartoons!

With the winding up of “The Problem With Purrballs!” next Saturday, I have put together two new cartoons. One is a short in the “Wheel Tales of Willow City” series and the other a short in “The Gnomestead Tapestry”. By “short” I mean the story starts and ends in a single posting of between 6 and 16 panels. No links yet for the upcoming cartoons because they aren’t published yet.

The Problem With Purrballs!” is intended to be a series of shorts linking together to be a longer story.   “The Sky is Falling” will likely be the longest story in my cartoon strips. I will do some more stories that span posts, but not 60+ posts unless it is a collection of shorter stories and chapters..

I hope that you will consider sharing “Gnome Tapestry” with  your friends so that more people can enjoy it.

Rain Rain Go Away 00013 Oh That Yellow Brick Road 00

Purrballs 000

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