Changes in Release Schedule

I hope that you are enjoying “The Problem With Purrballs!“. With the end of “The Sky is Falling” I have been working on newly written material. This means I won’t be able to keep up a 4 postings per week schedule. So I am reducing it to 2 postings per week on Saturday and Sunday. The alternative would have been to republish the earlier episodes. If there are requests I can repost the earlier episodes, perhaps either two posts at a time on Tuesday and Thursday, or one at a time on Wednesday. For now I’ll just be publishing new material on Saturday and Sunday.

Look for “The Problem With Purrballs! part 4” on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

I do hope that you will consider sharing “Gnome Tapestry” with  your friends so that more can enjoy it.

Purrballs 000

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