The Sky is Falling! — The Gnomestead Tapestry – Oops


We accidentally published #60 early, so we published #59 right away in order that you’d have both instalments. It is a bit hectic here with celebrations happening in the Landlord’s yard. The confusion led to hitting the wrong lever and pulling the wrong switch. I’ll be publishing tomorrow and the next day in any case so consider 59 and 60 a bonus publication!

The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling

Welcome to the continuing story in The Gnomestead Tapestry, “The Sky is Falling!” Here are instalments #59 and #60. (published immediately previous to this post) You can find the first instalment elsewhere on the site!

Episode #59

Episode #60

The Sky is Falling! — The Gnomestead Tapestry – part 1

If you are interested, check out We’ll Make Cents’ “Standing With Courage” project and their “50-Cents – a Jar of Change” drive.


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