12 O’Clock High — Space Trek

Welcome to the continuing voyages in Space Trek! I hope you enjoy this bit of Science Fiction Farce and Satire.

12 OClock High 0012 OClock High 0112 OClock High 0212 OClock High 0312 OClock High 0412 OClock High 0512 OClock High 0612 OClock High 0712 OClock High 08Introducing the TSS Kiwi 6.2831853xR and her crew:

Cpt Matt Brown
Com Bonny Dexter – First Officer
Lt Smith Weston – Operations
Lt Dawn Tanner – Navigation
Lt Com Doc Darren Barns

…and returning the TSS Beaver – 1.414×1.414 and her crew:

Cpt Patrick Williams
Com Thai Rey – First Officer
Lt Sukov – Operations
Lt Com Ela Gorna – Navigation
Lt Com Long Tom – Engineering

(I know the ranks are different in this instalment. I am still getting used to the characters.)

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Thank you!

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