Evolution of a Castle

I have just finished rebuilding the Castle from the South Cringle Archduchies in “The Gnomestead Tapestries“. It’s the fourth incarnation of the castle so far having appeared in the very first story, “Siege“.

The first castle:

First Castle in the Strip

First Castle in the Strip

I used that first Castle in “Siege!” and “The Hunt!”

By the time “Nottinhood!” rolled around it was time for a little bit more sophistication so I added a bit to the castle and changed the proportions somewhat to accommodate them:

The second castle in the strip.

The Second Castle in the Strip.

The towers and wall were lowered somewhat so the inner keep could be showcased better. I also added arrow slit windows and a door on the Keep balcony.

This was nice, but by this time I wanted to do a Cast Shot with the castle and wanted a bit of perspective so I added a back wall and side walls. I also added a bit of water on one side and forest on the other. But they don’t show in this picture:

The Third Castle in the strip.

The Third Castle in the Strip.

This castle has served through “A Nice Ring To It” and a few other projects as well. But for the end of “The Sky is Falling” I wanted to Spiff things up a bit since I wanted to focus on the Inner court. I added a bit more perspective. In “The Sky is Falling” I show it without the front curtain wall and gate to show the inner court better:

The Fourth Castle with no front wall.

The Fourth Castle With No Front Wall.

Here is the fourth castle with the front wall in place showing also how the front gate can be opened:

The fourth castle in the strip.

The Fourth Castle in the Strip.

In “The Sky is Falling” I also introduce Sir Zero’s Hacienda. It is based on the second Castle:

Sir Zero's Hacienda.

Sir Zero’s Hacienda.

There are other buildings but this has been the evolution of the castle in the strip. There is one other. It is the Tower Keep. This is the sort of dwelling most of the knights keep:

Sir Biff's Tower Keep.

Sir Biff’s Tower Keep.

It is much like the towers in the castles after the second one except having a door added.

I hope you enjoy seeing the evolution of the castle through the life of the strip. I hope you might look for other growth in the strip and its characters.

I also hope you are enjoying the strip itself and are sharing it with your friends and family.

Thank you!