Direction for the site.

On the BallHowdy! This is a bit of a departure from the standard instalment to the site. So far I have posted a strip or part of a strip a day. It would be nice to keep this up, however there’s no way I could keep up that schedule of creation.

So far I have used past material as well as current to post here from the Gnome Tapestry collection: “The Wheel Tales of Willow City”, “The Gnomestead Tapestries”, and now “Space Trek”. I’ll be running out of material very quickly at this rate and I decided that to cut the length of “dry spells” I’d slow down publication to 4 times a week in general.

Currently the plan is for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with of course room for change and room to publish extra material. I can’t say which of those days will have absolutely new, unpublished material, but I shall try to have as much of that as possible in addition to publishing the past material here. The past material being material that may have been published elsewhere, but not here.

I hope that you enjoy the cartoon strips and really hope you share the links to them around so that others can as well. I can share it with my circles of direct connections, but I need other people to share as well, just to have an audience.

Thanks for reading this non-cartoon posting.